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First blog – Ironic?

My first blog this week.  Ironic?  I doubt it.  We just finished the new site for Sullivan’s Message, and of course it’s the week of Taylor’s birthday.  You see, my Tay is 29 years old on the 15th of July.   Yet, the last time that I put candles on a cake she would eat,  there was only 18….and one of those was for good luck.  17 years….plus one for good luck.  One could say that candle didn’t work.  I wasn’t able to celebrate her next birthday with her…..the cake was there, but there was nobody to blow them out.  There was no extra candle.  A candle that I took for granted putting on each year, and one I didn’t even think about the significance of.  Good luck.  That year, Taylor’s senior year and the year I turned 40, was supposed to be a great year.  It was our worst.

  1. Life changing. Life ending.  For not just my Tay’s, but for her Mom too……..yes, me, the one writing this first blog.  You see, Kathi Meyer, Taylor’s carefree Mom….she disappeared the same day Tay did in those woods.  1/3 of my heart got ripped out.  Never to return.  My only mom/daughter relationship PHYSICALLY lost forever.  I thought my life was over too.  But I was soon to find out that was not the case.  Those candles would continue to increase in number, and light brighter each year on a cake, and behind the rays of the flames would be her Mom….with her full heart once again.

You see, all of us have been in that state or known someone who was there at some point in our lives. When life seems so hard that you can’t see the light anymore.  I’m writing this first post, to post on our new combined website to let you all know that the light is always there, no matter how dim it may seem.  PLEASE Keep moving.  You don’t know what wonderful moments life can still have ahead for you.  Chris & I never thought we would be where we are 11 years later either.  Having survived loss so deep, love so strong and undeniable hope so prevalent in what the future still holds.

We are proud to say that Sullivan’s Message website is up and running.  Please visit it often as a resource for you, your family and friends.  If you are struggling with substance use disorder, mental health, or just the trials of life as a student or adult, please visit it and know that you will be okay.  There is a great resource page with lots of other places and people that will guide you in the right direction also.  I plan on blogging on this site to share all the moments that we get to share in recovery with our communities, our students, our new found friends and our future generations that we are so honored to connect with as we share our message while in turn learning about theirs!

I’ll sign off of my first official blog by saying please join me on July 15th,  in lighting a candle with me, as I light 30 candles for my Tay.  She will be 29, and the extra one is for good luck for EVERYONE this year!  Sometimes you don’t realize that luck comes in many different forms, sometimes in life pathways that we never planned on taking, but was designed for us long ago.

Hugs, Kathi