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"Your negative choices in the past DO NOT define you. You can learn from them, and make better ones in your future! I am a living example of that after losing Taylor. Remember, YOU are worth it!"

- Kathi Sullivan

Taylor was a beautiful young lady inside and out. She was 17 years old embracing her senior year at King Philip High School in Wrentham, MA, surrounded by friends she had known her whole life. Her friends described her as someone who had a positive, outgoing, confident personality, well-liked by everyone who met her. She always made everyone feel comfortable and welcome. She was not the type to judge. Taylor was like most of the students in high schools around the world. Living their lives, being teenagers, hanging with their friends. Some making choices that they simply don’t necessarily realize the consequences could be so life changing.

Taylor’s life ended early in her senior year because of many poor choices one fateful weekend. It was Homecoming night, and Taylor and her friends chose to go to a series of underage parties. They ended the night at an abandoned airport, deep in the woods. Taylor found herself lost and all alone in the thick, dark woods and swamp. She never came home again. She was found three days later, face down in a swampy marsh on the river. She drowned in two feet of water because of the alcohol in her system. Poor choices from Taylor, from her friends, from the community and from her Mom, is why such a beautiful life with so much potential had ended.

They say a moment in your life can change who you are. This was that moment.

Taylor’s mom was not willing to let Taylor’s passing have no meaning. Kathi Meyer was a single mom of three beautiful children.  Zack ,19, Taylor, 17, and Logan was just 10. She was a Realtor who had lived in a New England suburb all of her forty years. She was always smiling and lived life with a positive outlook. Kathi never thought that she would be a public speaker. She never thought that she would be so passionate about the subject of underage drinking. She never thought that she would become an advocate for the prevention of underage drinking and social host liability. Wanting to make something good come from the experience of losing Taylor, combined with staggering youth underage drinking statistics are what drives Kathi to share Taylor’s Message.  

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Through Taylor’s Message, Kathi is able to help students and parents see the importance of making good choices in life. Everyone who hears her presentation leaves knowing that things happen for a reason and that life is defined by the many different choices we make. Click the button below to begin the booking process!