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Positive messages are more important now than ever before. Kathi and Chris are excited to continue sharing their stories through virtual presentations. This safe, accessible program is just as impactful and energetic as their in-person events and is perfect for any college, high school, community organization or prevention coalition needing a positive, inspirational message.
Love. Loss. Hope. Purpose.

Stories of Life-Changing Moments

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Kathi and Chris Sullivan revisit Building Connections to discuss their important work addressing substance abuse and mental health.

Kathi Meyer began to speak about alcohol awareness and the importance of making good choices in 2009 after her daughter passed away from underage drinking. She met her future husband, Chris Sullivan, when she presented at her first parent night. A former NFL player, Chris was attending not as a parent, but as a man suffering from substance use disorder, anxiety and depression.

They say through tragedy, beautiful meetings can happen. That was the case with Kathi and Chris’s struggles surrounding substance use. Their powerful messages were destined to join forces in more ways than one! Kathi’s perspective as a Mom combined with Chris’s perspective as someone with a long time heroin/alcohol addiction and mental health concerns touches many aspects of the listener. Kathi and Chris consider it a gift to be a small part of the ripple effect that happens from sharing! We never know how one word, one message, one act of kindness can change the outcome of someone’s life and make a positive change in this world.

Taylor's Message Underage Drinking Prevention in MA

Taylor's Message

Binge drinking on Homecoming night seemed like innocent fun. After attending underage drinking parties with friends, followed by a series of poor choices by many, Taylor found herself alone in the dark swampy woods. After an extensive three day search, she was found drowned in only 24 inches of water.

Two months later, Kathi started sharing her daughter’s story with students and parents in hopes that her message would enlighten others on the dangers of underage drinking and poor choices. Passionate about reaching students’ hearts and minds, she simply shares what happened that dreaded weekend. Audiences leave Kathi’s presentation feeling like it was their friend or daughter who was lost that fateful night, and the message is far more than just alcohol awareness.

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Not in the Playbook

Chris Sullivan should have been on top of the world, as he was a pro NFL football player for the New England Patriots. But instead, Chris went from the Super Bowl to fighting for his life and future. He was battling anxiety and an addiction to drugs and alcohol, tougher than anything he had ever tackled.

In long term recovery, Chris shares with others about his struggles with substance use mental health wellness. His audience leaves having learned many life skills that will help them to make good choices surrounding alcohol, drugs and coping with anxiety, depression and mental health. Humble, honest and authentic are words expressed from students and parents who listen to his message of hope.


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Sullivan’s Message is one of hope, love, purpose and change. If you’re interested in bringing Kathi and Chris to your college, high school, athletic club, detox center, prevention coalition or other organization, click below to contact us today.