Sullivan's Message Prevention Speakers in MA


"Kathi and Chris Sullivan are as compassionate, sincere, and genuine as they come. Both of their stories are tough, as are they, but they each share important and powerful messages that every middle or high school student should hear. Point blank, their messages are saving lives. It is a gift to listen to them and watch them interact with each other. They have different stories and they certainly didn’t plan on being on this journey, but how they found each other and their love and affection for each other is a thing of beauty. They will make you laugh and cry, sometimes simultaneously. Kathi and Chris are kind and loving people who simply want to help kids make the best choices they can for themselves and their friends. They present in a no nonsense, straightforward fashion. They open their hearts wide for their audience, and invite them right in. Their message is powerful, in combination with each other or as separate presentations, but watching them interact in a joint presentation is a gift. I have facilitated hundreds of workshops and online webinars, and they are repeatedly the most sought after of them all. You will be moved and have made two new friends by the end of the presentation. They would have it no other way."

Carolyn Bohmiller, MIAA Wellness Coordinator/Tennis Liaison | MIAA Educational Athletics

"I really felt Kathi and Chris were earnest and, well, human. I did not expect to be so moved. Honestly, I was glad it was a remote presentation because I was crying! Thanks to both of you for opening your hearts and sharing your stories. Remembering and being responsible to our community and family is so very important."

Parent feedback from a virtual program

"Both of you pass the toughest test that the toughest crowd (teenagers) can throw at you--the BS test. Kids have radar for ferreting out an ounce of phoniness--you all had them from the second they were greeted and walked in the door. You are both powerful people presenting a powerful message."

"Kathi's presentation of Taylor's Message is a heart wrenching reality of the consequences of underage drinking. It is a message that should be heard by all students and parents. I would recommend her to other schools with 100% conviction and belief that Kathi's words and Taylor's life will impact your students in a positive way."

Deb Deacon, Assistant Principal, Burlington High School

"Please know that Taylor and her story are the reason my son is alive today, and that our kids are hearing you, you are making a difference and you have changed my life and my son's life forever."

“Words really can’t describe what these two individuals do for a community of young adults. Between the two of them they are able to reach every single student in the room. It is remarkable the connections that both of them make with students.”

Mike Perez, Assistant Principal, Campbell High School

"Today, you visited my school, and I think I speak for everyone that was in the room when I say that you left me speechless. I want to begin and say thank you for your great courage and honesty when speaking to my friends and me, because in those words you changed my way of thinking."

Cindy, Student

"A couple of weeks ago you talked at my school about your daughter Taylor. They talk really hit me, and I wanted to tell you that I didn't forget about it. See, it's hard for me to say this, but I was going to a huge party, lots of alcohol. I wasn't thinking, you know, being a teenager. I pulled up to the house and thought of you and Taylor. I thought of my parents being up on that stage and it brought me to tears. I am thought to be a man, and you know men don't cry a lot, or at least not in public with their friends. But I cried in that car, and it wasn't just a couple of tears, I was sobbing. And I honesty think you could have saved my life that night. Because I turned around and drove home. I don't know what would have happened if I went to that party, but I know I owe you a big thank you for everything."

Alex, Student

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Sullivan’s Message is one of hope, love, purpose and change. If you’re interested in bringing Kathi and Chris to your college, high school, athletic club, detox center, prevention coalition or other organization, click below to contact us today.